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Baby Room

The Baby room is specifically designed to care for children from Birth to 1 year.
Our warm, secure and friendly atmosphere provides a range of benefits. These include homely sleeping areas, floor space to encourage mobility not to mention some superb activities.
The self contained baby unit also has the benefit of its own kitchen area. Consisting of a variety of amenities helping to ensure we have everything on hand to meet your babies needs.
Within the room we only have toys that are specified for the age range of the babies. These toys help in so many ways to ensure your child has everything necessary to achieve those important goals and milestones.
From starting nursery, each baby has their own care plan via Tapestry. In it you can see eating, sleeping and changing times, the day’s activities and baby’s individual achievements.
Activities that are planned and carried out will also be constructed with all the babies ages and individual needs in mind.
The babies records are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, which focuses on three prime areas:
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language Development
• Physical Development
As we ensure an adult to child ratio of 1:3 making the transition from home to nursery is made as comfortable as possible.
Before babies are weaned, we do ask for parents to provide their choice of made up formula. As baby progresses to solids our cook will blend our food to the consistency suitable for the individual baby.


Toddler Room

toddler room

Our Toddler room is for children aged 2-3 yrs, and the ratio is 1 adult to 4 children. This is the room of excitement and lots of hands on experiences. The room offers static areas – creative, messy, construction, role play, sand and water, and a quiet area.
There is also on offer for our tired toddlers time to sleep, they have their own individual beds for sleeptimes appropriate to each child’s needs.
Within the toddler room we usually start potty training with your child. It is your decision if you think they are ready. This is encouraged to be started at nursery at the same time as it is at home.
A record of your child’s potty training progress will be monitored and sent home at the care plan on tapestry. At this time we ask that plenty of spare clothes are provided as accidents do happen.
The toddler’s room has easy access to the nursery’s toilet facilities and potty’s. The toilets and wash basins are at the correct height for children to promote independence in the bathroom.
The Early Years Foundation Stage is also used within this room and planning is done to suit the needs and age ranges of the children
Within toddlers we continue to build on your child’s social and interaction skills and we usually notice that children communicate more with their peers. At all times sand and water will be available for your child to access as we find this promotes all areas of development.


Pre – School Room

pre-school room

Designed for children aged between 3 and 5 years of age with a ratio of 1 adult to 8 children.
The new pre-school is set up to cater for all seven areas of learning:
• Personal, Social & Emotional.
• Communication and language.
• Physical development
• Understanding of the World
• Mathematics
• Literacy
• Expressive art and design

Within our pre-school we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and have started to build links with the local schools. Regular observations are done on each child to monitor their growing development, each child is treated as an equal meeting their individual needs, promoting independence and self-esteem.
To promote independence in this room the children are able to access all areas of learning as they wish. With regards to the focused activity offered daily, children have the free choice whether to access this or not. The focused activity will coincide with the topic area that is covered over a six week period.
Sand and water are available throughout the day. On occasions alternatives are used such as, shredded paper, soil and pasta. The staff promote independence in your child, and with your help and support, prepare your child for graduating Great Child and starting school.

Manager at Romford Nursery

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My name is Shelley
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