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Parents FAQs: Quick Guide

Settling in

Experience a FREE 1-hour settling-in session where you and your child meet the key worker. Flexibility is key; use the session as you prefer but gently introduce separation.

Daily Updates:

Your child’s key worker provides detailed feedback in a book, covering meals, naps, activities, learning, and settling. Verbal feedback and manager support are readily available.

Payment Options:

Set up a convenient payment agreement with managers, paying in advance monthly or weekly (upon registration agreement). No cash payments; bank transfer or card payments accepted.

Child Illness:

In case of illness, we administer Calpol with consent. Emergency contacts are used if parents cannot be reached. Exclusion policy for certain illnesses applies, and payment is still required for absent days.

Development Discussions:

Engage in termly parents’ evenings for comprehensive discussions with your child’s key worker. Open-door policy for ongoing chats about your child’s progress and concerns.

Operating Hours:

We operate from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year, with Early Start and Late Finish options available at an extra cost.

Flexible Shifts:

We understand varied work schedules. Inform us by Thursday of the prior week for weekly childcare needs. Options include paying for a full-time space or paying for the used sessions based on availability.


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